Thursday, October 6, 2011


So much for the once a month posts...but to be expected when we got back to a slower pace of life in Columbus, MS.  Although, it is amazing how time flies and how much stuff I can fill up my days with that make it seem like I'm actually a busy person! : )

It's been a roller coaster from the moment we walked back into our Columbus house after leaving it for 4 months.  We came home to a broken fridge and the few things we left in the freezer and fridge completely went bad and I must say that was the worst mold problem I have EVER seen.  Although we didn't just have mold problems with our fridge; from the lack of new air movement in the house we found mold in various parts including a rug in the kitchen, a wicker basket in the upstairs bathroom and musty smelling clothes in our closet (all natural materials get attacked by mold first).  AAHHH!  Oh, and the humidity level was about 30 degrees above what it should have been.  So, that was fun to get worked out, but after a month the house is back to normal, humidity level back down and a brand new fridge in the kitchen!  Thank you AF!

Then, we (or I should say Michael) encountered another pressing issue which prevented him from flying for over 6 weeks.  A medical waiver had just expired that he was told would not be a problem and would be extended, though it was not.  It was tough to see him go through the emotions of wondering if he would even be able to fly again if his medical waiver did not go through, and just the waiting process struggling to find a daily purpose that wasn't the job he was trained to do.  Thankfully, the waiver went through last week and he's been flying and should be flying with students very soon!

Now, on to my housekeeping business, which is a praise.  Praise because my vision is turning into a reality and praise because, though it's been slow rolling, I have one client so far!  (I need to remember that a city is not built overnight, so neither will this successful business I had in mind :)  It's part nanny work which was not my first choice but who am I to be picky, and it's only every other week that I get the children then the off weeks I clean the house.  It's very part time which leaves me room to have more clients which I will hopefully get some soon.

Indiana Jones!  He's growing like a weed and he's turning into my little running buddy.  It's nice because he's my motivation to get out there and he is now starting to pull me along, aside from the occasional tug in the opposite direction and almost making me trip a few times.  It's also great for him because that little boy has some energy!  And that boy has some girlfriends!  One of his favorites just moved and the little guy doesn't even realize it, which is so sad.  I for sure miss the Barnhill's who lived right across the street from us but it makes me even more sad when we walk by their old house and he starts to pull like they're still there.  Breaks my heart but excited for this new journey they've embarked on with the B-52s in Shreveport!

Well, that's a good 2 month update for now.  Hopefully will do better in the future :)

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